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Five favourite links, 28th March

It's been a busy few weeks at Mud with a few site launches and the arrival of our new project manager, Kirsty. But there's still been time to dip our toes into the world wide web so here are some of our favourite links from the last week: 

  • CSS Diner is a great tool/game for testing your CSS selector fu. Pop on over to and see how you fare!
  • We love our MacBook Airs here and whilst they're a beautiful combination of power and portability they do run out of juice at the most inopportune moments. Get Battery looks like a really handy bit of kit to give you extra juice when you're out of power.
  • We're a big fan of Gridset - the online tool for composing layouts. It offers fantastic support for responsive design and nice, robust yet flexible tools to work with. Nathan Ford from Five Simple Steps has written a really nice post on A List Apart outlining some grid theory and how we can practically apply this to real content on the web.
  • We use Sass extensively here at Mud so the weekly updates from walking Sass brain and twitter-compulsive Stu Robson have been really invaluable. If you work with front-end technology then we heartily recommend subscribing to Sass News
  • Finally what week is complete without some shameless self promotion. Our technical director Cole has submitted a t-shirt design for the Cotton Bureau inspired by eighties TV stalwart Tom Selleck. The t-shirt goes to print once 25 are sold so what are you waiting for? Summer is almost with us and what better way to celebrate than sporting a lovely Magnum Pi tee!
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