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Five favourite links, 29th November

We spend a lot of time here at Mud collecting and sharing links that we find useful and interesting. We've been using Yammer as a team communication tool and it's been great at throwing ideas and inspiration around and starting a conversation about the kind of sites and tools we like.

So here is the first in hopefully a semi-regular post on some of the things we've found on the World Wide Web that have piqued our interest this week:

  • Last week we were agog at the lovely PS4 and Xbox One reviews on Polygon so it was great to see the guys behind such trickery write about their process in Polygon feature design: SVG animations for fun and profit. Very clever (via Dan Denney)
  • We love Sass here at Mud and use it for all our front-end projects. It's great then to hear some of the ways that Sass is being improved with version 3.3. This post from Viget is a month old now but outlines one of the great new features we can expect to see shortly. Sass Maps Are Awesome!
  • One Thing Well is a really useful little blog that does one thing well; linking to tools, sites and apps that focus on doing one task but doing it well (via Ryan Roberts)
  • If you're interested in Usability and User Experience research the website is replete with useful nuggets of information and handy resources. Encompassing all aspects of user-focused design, it already looks invaluable (via Christopher Murphy)
  • Who doesn't love a data visualisation? Certainly not us so it is lovely to see the winners announced this week for the 2013 Information is Beautiful Awards. Some beautiful and engaging examples
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