Millfield Everyfield Web development and microsite UX for this leading school

Working with one of the country’s leading prep schools (and brand and design agency Mytton Williams) was a great experience. And it certainly made us cross every t and dot every i.

Our aim was to make a real impact on the user and inspire them to get in touch with the school. We also used a bit of digital wizardry to measure the results – we gave the client all the stats they could want by tracking site visits and social media connections. 

We enjoyed working with Mud and appreciated their technical expertise for this project. The microsite had complex requirements, but Matt and his team did an excellent job of explaining the build to the client in clear and simple terms. The Mud team work really well with our designers to create sites that look great and function brilliantly.

Bob Mytton, Mytton Williams

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What did we do

  • UX Design
  • Web development
  • Optimisation
  • Statistical analysis