The Wasabi Company Ecommerce website development with a fresh approach

Eating wasabi straight from the plant is a uniquely fresh experience. So we wanted to create a site that reflected this – no clutter, no fuss.

Working with design agency Round Studios, we set about developing a customised ecommerce site to help catapult The Wasabi Company into the UK market and attract a fresh customer base.

We love working with team at Mud because we know we can expect great results every time. They provide thoughtful recommendations and an understanding of our projects because they take the time to listen and ask questions. We continue to be delighted with their delivery and turnaround. Recommended.

Andy Gerrard, Round Studios

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What did we do

  • UX design
  • Ecommerce website development
  • ExpressionEngine / Cartthrob ecommerce customisation
  • Social media integration