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Search Star is a leading digital media agency. When they briefed us to create a new website (along our friends at Supple Studio who were working on the new brand), we knew it would have to be an interactive, highly engaging user experience. One that would connect with a savvy audience and reflect the dynamic, fast growing company they are. So that’s what we built.

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We’ve recommended Mud to our clients. From concept to build, the ideas and execution were spot on, with some features that have delighted the team and visitors to the site! The whole project had an ambitious timescale of 6-8 weeks, and I’m pleased to say it’s one of the few web re-designs I’ve been involved in that has actually launched on time. Six months on, we’re still as pleased with it as the day we launched. Mud well and truly delivered on their promises and the new site has opened up opportunities with larger businesses that I’m confident we wouldn’t have had access to prior to the re-design.
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