Better CSS with Sass

Today sees the publication of Better CSS with Sass, a Pocket Guide written by our technical director Cole introducing the popular CSS pre-processor. This book is the latest in a series of guides published by Five Simple Steps designed to provide a concise but informative introduction to a range of web design topics.

Cole says: “In a few short years Sass has taken off as an invaluable tool for front-end development. With it we have developed increasingly complex and sophisticated ways of building and managing the code for our websites. However, as a teacher I also recognise that there are very few resources out there for people starting out with Sass to introduce the concepts and principles of CSS pre-processors, as well as some of the new terms and techniques used in Sass.

“It has been great to take the things we work with at Mud on an everyday basis and distill these into digestible nuggets, accessible to those new to Sass but hopefully providing some insights to those that have already worked with this or other CSS pre-processors.

“I’ve been a long time admirer (and customer) of Five Simple Steps, so seeing this book come to fruition over the last few months has been really exciting.

You can buy an eBook version of the guide from the Five Simple Steps website for £3