Mud Pact

Here at Mud we like doing good work for good people . There is nothing like being able to help a charity or business transform their work through great design and well thought-out code. We spend a lot of time working directly or through partnerships in the non-for-profit sector and invest a lot of energy and enthusiasm ensuring that with tight budgets we can deliver something that will help raise awareness of important issues, drive donations and support valuable causes .

Last year when thinking about a way of paying forward from this work we came up with the idea of Mud Pact. Mud Pact is a referral scheme for new business leads but rather than pay you for referring a client to us we donate a proportion of the project value to a charity of your choosing. We like to think of it as a win-win situation - we get to work with the nice people you send our way, they get a lovely new website, your favourite charity gets a donation and you get a warm fuzzy feeling for helping everyone!

With this in mind - we thought maybe we could extend a similar idea to hiring. Here at Mud we like to hire through word-of-mouth and recommendations. Being a small team, fit and personality are as important as skills and ability. And we also want someone who cares about the work that they do. So what better way of finding our new developer that inviting you, our friends, to help in the search?

So the idea is this. If you refer a candidate to us that we go on to hire we will donate £250 to a charity of your choosing. We get a great new developer, your favourite charity gets money and you get to feel satisfied at a job well done!