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Working with the World’s Largest Lesson, one of the leading education charities on the planet, we created this fun, engaging interactive brand and toolkit to help kids get active in raising awareness of climate change.

The main action on the website was for kids to write powerful messages to send to adults, voicing their desire to get climate change education on the curriculum. By reading and watching content, or participating in an interactive quiz, users ‘unlock’ additional customisations for their messages.

What we loved
We created a new campaign brand and full illustration pack
We developed a ‘gamification’ system to increase engagement with content across the site
We built a bespoke application that generated and saved custom posters
And over 10,000 messages have been posted since launch!
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Thank you to you and the team for all your work on this. We love the site – it looks amazing! And we've had such great feedback from kids and teachers.
Kinvara Jardine Paterson, World's Largest Lesson
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