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As a world class landscape architects, famed for their work at home and around the globe, Grant Associates needed a new brand and website that reflected their unique fusion of technology, nature and human experience – something that felt cutting edge, but organic and welcoming.

We created a framework for quality content and imagery, but to fit in tightly with the rebrand we established a way to put the new identity at the very front of the user interface. By dialling it up and down depending on the types of content, we were able to ensure that the new brand was a genuine focus on the new website, without it interfering with the content or distracting from a pleasurable, highly user friendly experience.

What we loved
Worked with Supple Studio to develop website and brand in parallel
Worked with extended creative team to create impactful digital brand world
Flexible and user friendly Content Management System
Provided Digital Art Direction
SEO friendly ‘Latest’ section has resulted in vastly improved search performance
Grants capture 5
Laptop 1 Grants
Grants capture 1
Laptop 2 Grants
Grants capture 4
increase in user engagement
increased conversion rate
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