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Graphite Digital are a digital customer experience agency, specialising in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical. Having been through a rebranding process (with our friends at mul-ti-far-i-ous) they approached us to help create their new website to activate their new brand identity and their new proposition – ‘Synchronised Success’.

Using insights gained from user research, we crafted the UX and created a bold, progressive new digital design system. The interface makes use of a lot of complex brand shapes, pieced together to create a unique but highly flexible platform, focused around storytelling and lead generation.

Grpahite screen1
What we loved
A nimble Craft CMS platform, used to create a number of very adaptable templates
A highly complex digital design system, using a complex mix of layered brand assets
Highly flexible landing page builder to support ongoing digital marketing activities
The animated hexagon on the homepage
Mobile 1
Graphite Screen2
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