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EJF are a campaigning charity who raise awareness for causes all around the globe by creating impactful multimedia content and using it to lobby local governments to provoke change.

Their new website puts their most valuable content right at the heart of the user experience. By combining their high quality imagery, engaging storytelling and rich video content, we were able to create a website that shows the nature and the impact of their work.

What we loved
Created a visually engaging, but highly user friendly interface
Story-led approach, allowing the client to communicate their impact through empathetic stories
Logical content structures allows for flexible and seamless user journeys
We’re long term partners, allowing the site to grow and flex as the organisational priorities change
Over 500% increase in average monthly sessions since the launch (5 years ago)
Ejf 1
Ejf 2
Ejf 3
Ejf 4
Ejf 5
Ejf 6
Ejf 7
Ejf 10
page views since launch
increase in annual traffic since launch
increase in organic traffic acquisition
Ejf 32
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