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What started out as a simple one day internal project spiralled a little out of control and became 'On The Plane', our guide to the 2018 Football World Cup. A treasure trove of valuable and off the wall information, the site was aimed at lovers of the beautiful game young and old.

The visual theme of the site was based around simple graphic treatments of classic football kits. We had data visualisations, a spot the ball competition, polls for the greatest goals, worst stickers and outrageous moments, and key facts about each of the teams. The UI is built on Gatsby, using Firebase as a data source.

OTP Monitor 1
What we loved
An encyclopedia of facts and fun about the Football World Cup
Built on Gatsby for lightning fast load times
Beautiful team to team transitions
The graphic theme for each team is based on their most iconic World Cup kit
Without a doubt the best website about the World Cup I've ever seen
Matt Powell, Mud
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